Funded Projects

Support for WJ Tops $315,000

As of June 30, 2015, the WJ Education Foundation passed the $315,000 mark in providing support for Walter Johnson High School.

Funds have been applied to support the following:

  • Auditorium and site enhancements
  • Professional development grants for faculty
  • A recording studio
  • A language lab
  • A mobile laptop lab
  • Grants recognizing student achievement
  • Funding for equipment for the music, art, and science departments
  • Updating the WJ Media Center collections

In addition to funds already applied, the Foundation is currently reviewing additional grants for science equipment and professional development, support for expanding academic programs, and equipment for the auditorium.

All of this has been made possible by the generous and continuing support of the WJ community.

Thank You For Your Continuing Support!

Total Support Provided As Of June 30, 2015

The Foundation would like to encourage the staff at WJ to consider applying for either a Professional Development Grant or General Grant for developing and implementing programs that will enhance student learning. Details and application forms are available on the WJHS Education Foundation site:   » Grant Applications

Presentation of language lab check to Dr. Garran

Marney Jacobs, president of the WJHS Education Foundation, presents Dr. Garran with a $20,000 check for the school to use towards the new Language Lab. WJ thanks all of the parents who have generously supported the foundation.