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Support the WJ Media Center!

Support the WJ Media Center!

Please support updating the WJ Media Center collections- both print and media to the level that our staff and students should have.

Books and other print media or play-aways are seriously lacking in both quantity and quality in the WJ Media Center. Books on science, technology, economics, or the digital arts must be recently published to be most useful. Many resources are available electronically but students still need to have a broad range of print and media sources at school to develop research skills. And we want to encourage the love of reading by providing an abundance of current fiction.

You can help by donating funds towards a specific author, genre, or just to help build the Media Center Collection Fund.

Questions? Please email John Moriarty or Lee Moersen.

2 Easy Ways to Donate to the Media Center Collection:

internet iconOnline Donation

Make a donation with a credit card by using our secure online donation form.  We use the highly rated online payment system PayPal™.  Paypal™ processes credit cards securely and with a minimal fee to the Foundation.

Make an online donation


mail-in iconMail In Donation

Print out the following form, fill in information, and return it by US Mail with your payment. The foundation's address is on the form:

Paper donation form

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